C O L L I S I O N S — Book

(...) Degradation becomes art for the one who attempts to find the truth in abstraction. Hence, Michel Mazzoni’s book begins and ends with images that reveal its entire content without ever giving it aname, like X-rays that penetrate objects and beings and provide a clear image stripped of anyartifice. This act of censure or revelation—depending on its interpretation—is an attempt to reduce the photographic image to its simplest expression, and to isolate its purest essence until it becomes almost nothing: a cloud of pulverized points, a radiating, sidereal universe. Perhaps this is how the title of this book, Collisions, should be interpreted—as the improbable encounter between two planets that collide at the very point when their orbits coincide, just as an individual might goes off to explore another civilization and whose mood and personality are affected by the multiple culture shocks. Or, as an accident involving one of the smallest elements of matter, the atom, whose split nucleus has caused the disasters encountered near and afar (...)