Other Things Visible — 2018/2019 (selection)
  Analog photographs, scanned documents. Prints on Emblem paper 176 x 118 cm

  OTV21 (studio view) - Print on Dibond 135 x 90 cm. From Other Things Visible 

  OTV95T. Print on Emblem matte paper glued on the wall. 176 x 118 cm. Other Things Visible

  Mo_No (Amorces) — 2016/2019 (selection)
  Analogs photographs in plexi box, 35 x 24 x 4 cm

  Amorces — 2016/2017 (selection)
  Analogs photographs, ink-jet prints on Emblem matte paper, 176 x 118 cm each.

  230916XXX1835, from Amorces
  Print on Innova paper, plexiglass box 35 x 24 x 4 cm.

  290716XXX1655, from Amorces
  Print on on Emblem paper glued on the wall. 176 x 118 cm.

  101216XXX1841, from Amorces
  Prints on Emblem paper, assembly glued on the wall. 176 x 122 cm