UNTITLED 180365 — Installation view, V2Vingt Brussels

        Installation by Michel Mazzoni & Adriaan Verwée.

Installation view at Moustoir-Remungol (FR) — L'art dans les chapelles, 29ème édition

       Print in Plexiglas box. Piece of wood from the entrance door to the
       chapel. Assemblage with print, aluminium plate, raw steel plate, aluminium
       plate. Monochrome gray, block of 300 images duplicated on risograph.  
       Credit photo © Aurélien Mole

Dumitru — Installation with book materials. One shot, Maison 8, Brussels

         Pages from the artist's book Dumitru. 

Others Things Visible — Installation view, Le Botanique, Bruxelles

         Emblem Wallpaper glued on the wall. Black pentagonal sculpture.
         Prints glued on Dibond, orange gelatin. black vinyl glued to the ground. 
         Print on plexiglass box (first floor).

Biennale Miroirs, Tout est paysage, Enghien — Installation view in the chapel

          Installation in-situ. Prints on "Emblem" paper glued on Dibond, variable
          dimensions, Led tubes. Vertical Vidéo loop.

Zones — Installation View FABRIKculture Hégenheim

         Prints on blue back paper 120 x 180 cm,  prints on blue back paper
         variable dimensions, colors prints on plexi box, 20 x 30 cm. 
         300 Xerox prints copies.

Glow — Installation in situ, curated by Incise

        Wall paper englued on glass, red gelatin, light.