Others Things Visible — Installation view, Le Botanique, Bruxelles

Prints glued on Dibond, black vinyl glued to the ground. Grid of 18 wallpaper glued on the wall.
Prints on blue back paper 118 x 176 cm. Prints glued on Dibond, piece of corten steel.
Sculpture with images, wood panels, trended rod, neon. Print in plexi box
Exhibition curated by Grégory Thirion

Biennale Miroirs, Tout est paysage, Enghien — Installation view

Installation in-situ. Prints on "Emblem" paper glued on Dibond, variable dimensions. 
250 Riso prints copies.

Zones — Installation View FABRIKculture Hégenheim

Prints on blue back paper 120 x 180 cm,  prints on blue back paper variable dimensions, 
colors prints on plexi box, 20 x 30 cm. 300 Xerox prints copies.
Exhibition curated by Anne Immelé as part of the Biennale of the Photography of Mulhouse. 
With Ester Voplon, Kazuma Obara, Georg Zinsler.

Little Things (in progress)

Prints on baryte paper 8 x 12 cm + annotated graph paper, gelatines colors, documents... 
White cardboard, natural wood frame 25 x 36 cm.

Four Hundred And Five — Penthouse Art Residency / Harlan Levey Projects

Installation in black cube, analog photography scratched negatives, black light, sound.


 Each image 118 x 176 cm printed on "Emblem" matte paper


Print mounted on Dibond, plexiglas, frame — 100 x 128 cm